Currently ...

I’m a Software Engineer at Wyzant.

From 2016-2019

I worked as a Sr. Software Engineer at Enova International, working on Enova Decisions.

From 2015-2016 ...

I assisted in running Blackbird Garage, a digital marketing startup in Chicago.

From 2011-2015 ...

I was a web developer for the NUCATS Institute, helping to build clinical data management systems for researchers.

I also worked on some side projects ... - an online programming challenge that asked participants to create a Rails JSON API from nothing but a spec, a short README, and a few acceptance tests.

I organized, promoted, and ran the core of the contest, including interacting with users over reddit, twitter, and Google Groups. I also found other professional programmers to act as judges, designed the logo, wrote the official rules, and made sure that winners received their prizes along with a hand-signed thank you note.

ChicagoMeshNet - a project that aimed to bring a wireless, community owned and operated network to Chicagoland. I built the community website, helped spread the word, and even acted as a spokesperson to the occasional press inquiry. - a mobile app that lets you order food on your phone and have it delivered to you in family fun centers and bowling alleys.

I was the lead developer on this project, ensuring that tasks were getting completed, mentoring developers, and ensuring uptime of the API.

This project is slated to be closed down in June 2016, but has remained stable and pretty much maintenance free (about 10 minutes a month patching servers) for the last 3 years.

glint-box - a small project to turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro emulation box. Within a couple of months I had a system that worked pretty well, and would allow you to play NES ROMs from a USB stick. 

I was eventually far outdone by, so I retired the project.

newser - a hackernews clone using Twitter Bootstrap (development screenshot shown), that I built to teach myself sinatra, a Ruby microframework.

From 2001-2011

I worked as an IT professional in both the education and banking industries.

When I'm not working

I'm usually doing this ...

... or cooking something like that ...

eggs-benedict (1).jpg

... or traveling to cool places like this.

Sagrada Família / Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Família / Barcelona, Spain